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        2012,Sunsea Parking Industry Group founded China Parking Planning & Design Institute (PDI) in collaboration with renowned universities in China. The institute is dedicated to the improvement of urban static traffic system, parking industry research, intelligent parking and other multi-level advisory services. PDI has accumulated significant industry resources and advantages in whole industrial Chain including policy, planning and design, technology development and other diversified business. 停車場運營


        • Operation Scale
        • Management Model
        • AIPP
        • By 2019, Sunsea had serviced parking lots in more than 40 cities in China, with more than 500,000 parking spaces. Representative cases include more than 300 national sites of CCTV, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of medical sciences, Global Trade Center, Joy City, Ocean University of China, etc. Sunsea has formed a business capability based on consulting capabilities, asset management capabilities as the core, based on operational management capabilities, with financial and Internet capabilities as dual wings, and commercial platform development capability as long tail of whole industry chain parking capacity, which can quickly improve efficiency of parking management, optimize owner’s parking experience and increase operating income and parking assets value.

          Covered Cities

          Parking Spaces

          Operational Parking Spaces
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          • 停車場運營
          • 停車場運營
          • 停車場運營
          • 停車場運營
          • 停車場運營
          • 停車場運營
        • 停車場運營
          • 停車場運營
          • 停車場運營
          • 停車場運營
          • 停車場運營
          • 停車場運營
          • 停車場運營
          • 停車場運營
          • 停車場運營
        • Parking lot Operation SAAS
          Management System

          Parking lot Cloud Management Monitoring Platform

          Parking lot AI Intelligent Operation Platform

          Parking lot Big Data Platform

          Parking lot Site Management Mobile Platform

          Drivers Mobile Platform

          Standardized Management Capability

          Site Management Capability

          Data Analysis & Management Capability

          Offline Operation Capability

          Value-added Business Development Capability

          Commercial Empowerment

          System Platform
          Operation Management


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