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        Sunsea Parking Industry Group, founded in Aug 8th ,2006,Beijing, is the largest parking asset operation service provider in China.The business of Sunsea Parking covers urban parking consultation, parking lot planning and design, parking lot operation and management, parking investment and construction, parking lot business platform development. The company is committed to providing complete parking asset management solutions and the entire industry chain covering professional parking services.

        At present, Sunsea services more than 40 cities in China, with more than 500,000 self-operated parking spaces. Representative cases include more than 300 in China, including Joy City, Global Trade Center, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Shanghai Hongqiao international airport, the new site of CCTV.

        Sunsea has formed a business capability based on consulting capabilities, asset management capabilities as the core, based on operational management capabilities, with financial and Internet capabilities as the dual wings, and commercial platform development capability as the long tail of the whole industry chain parking capacity, which can quickly improve the efficiency of parking management, optimize the owner’s parking experience and increase the operating income and value of parking assets.

        Since Sunsea has established, the cooperation mode of Sunsea has been upgraded from one-stop planning, design, construction and operation group platform-based intelligent parking platform to the acquisition of medium and long-term right of management lease.

        Sunsea Parking is the designated partner of parking management of well-known real estate companies such as COFCO, SINO-OCEAN, China Resources, BBMG, LongFor, Vanke, and International well-known property management companies such as Savills, JONES LANG LASALLE,CB RICHARD ELLIS, and established strategic cooperative partnerships with many customers such Aeon Yongle, CREO, and CGGC.In addition, Sunsea Parking also provides professional parking consultation solutions to public utilities such as hospitals, colleges, stations and airports for government organizations. In 2018,Sunsea Parking and Ant Financial Co., Ltd. jointly invested in China’s largest Internet parking platform,Easyparking.



        Yan Liang, Chairman and CEO of Sunsea Parking

        co-founder of Easyparking ,deeply cultivated in parking industry for more than ten years, insisted on promoting parking industry in China, increasing the value of parking industry and leading Chinese parking to the world. Yan Liang graduated from the University of International Business and Economics in 2004, and obtained MBA degree from China Europe Business School in 2017. Sunsea Parking Industry Group, founded in Aug 8th ,2006,Beijing, is the largest parking asset operation service provider in China,committed to providing complete parking asset management solutions and professional parking services covering the entire industry chain, which can quickly improve efficiency of parking management, optimize owner’s parking experience and increase operating income and parking assets value. The Sunsea Parking service cases include more than a thousand commercial projects in China such as new CCTV site, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Joy City, etc., and have provided parking consultation and solutions for public institutions and government agencies such as hospitals, universities, railway stations and airports for a long time. In November, Sunsea Parking completed a new round of 1.5-billion-yuan financing, led by Warburg Pincus and Red Star Macalline. At the end of 2018, a parking industry fund was jointly established with HNA Group and China Minsheng Investment Co., ltd Easy Car Life was founded in 2012 as a car service chain brand, it has more than 100 directly-operated chain stores in Beijing, and has signed contracts with nearly 100 service parking lots to bring quality car life services for hundreds of thousands high-end car owners. The smart parking company was established in 2014, TJD Parking. In March 2018, it has obtained Ant Financials’ B + round of financing of several hundred million yuan. Sunsea Parking followed up with investment, and early investors Fosun Group and Red Star Macalline continued to follow up. In 2018, TJD Parking has covered more than 5,000 parking lots and operated 2 million high-value online parking spaces, TJD Parking provided parking fees and payment services for more than 40 million vehicles nationwide.
        Jiang Qinyuan    President
        He has over 25 years’ experience in real estate management, investment consulting and marketing. MBA from Cornell University, USA. Former 100- Sunshine Group VP and CFO, BAIN & COMPANY Asia Pacific consultant, Regional & Supply Chain Manager of P&G, founded Primelink China.
        Qi Zhiyuan    Founder & VPP
        He has over 13 years’ experience in parking industry and automotive after service market. EMBA of CKGSB and Qianlong Phase I of Xinrui College. He graduated from the University of International Business and Economics in 2004.
        He used to be Logistics Director, Vice General Manager and President of Automobile Service Division and President of Engineering Management Center of Sunsea.
        Zhao Jing    Operation VP
        She has more than 14 years‘ experience in financial management and parking asset investment & operations. She served as CFO, President of Investment Center, President of Asset Management Center and Operation VP in Sunsea. She graduated from the University of New South Wales, Australia, with a Master's degree in Economics in 2004. She worked at China headquarters of 21st Century Real Estate and Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Great China.
        Chen Wei    President Office Director
        He has 15 years‘ experience in information consulting and financial media. Master of Economics, Beijing Wuzi University. He used to be Editor of China Business Daily.
        Prior to that, he worked as a financial analyst at Anbang Consulting.
        Li Ke    CIO
        He has 14 years‘ experience in mobile Internet platform construction, IT infrastructure and information security, enterprise process information platform, and large-scale ERP system construction. MBA of Tsinghua University. He used to be Information technology VP of Tujia Network.
        Perfect World Technical Director.
        Prior to that, he worked at Green Alliance Technology and Yonyou Software.
        Li Xiaolong    Sales VP
        He has 20 years‘ experience in international top retail real estate development and team management. MBA of TUFE He used to be partner of Beijing Hewu Business Management Co., LTD. Vice General Manager of Development Center in Beijing Taihe Film and Television Culture Development Co., LTD.
        Wal-mart China Investment Co., LTD. Sam's Club North China Real estate Development Department Director.
        Lei Bo    City-level Parking Business VP
        He has more than 10 years‘ experience in marketing management of smart city. MBA from City University of Macau. He was the GM of Smart City Business of Schneider Electric (China) Co., LTD. 's Global Solutions Business Division. GM of Smart City Business in Greater China, IBM (China) Software Group.


        In 2019, Sunsea acquired Secure Parking China. Sunsea signed a JV cooperation agreement with Indigo Parking in France to jointly expand city-level parking business in China; The promotional video “Parking, Reshaping future Travel" won the gold Award of cross-boundary value influential brand creativity in Cannes; Sunsea has successfully applied for patent of ecological parking lot, reshaping scenic parking service. Sunsea was awarded as one of China's outstanding airport parking lot operators; Sunsea was awarded Outstanding Contribution Award for commercial real estate service providers. Yan Liang, Chairman and CEO of Sunsea, was named Innovative Leader for commercial value.
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        Sunsea Parking is the only honorary Chinese corporate member of International Parking Industry Association (IPI), the first car parking company to pass the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification and GB/T28001-2001 occupation health and safety management system certification. The company won numerous industry awards and top rankings, such as “TopCar Park Consultancy in China”, “Top 10 Outstanding Parking Lots Operators”, “Outstanding Credit Rating”, and “Top Real Estate Service Provider”. Sunsea Parking is also the Executive Council Member and Deputy Chair of the Beijing Parking Industry Association and Vice President of Shanghai Parking Industry Association, member of Beijing Property Management Industry Association and Intelligent Transportation Association member of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian, and Xi’an.
        • 2019 停車場運營

          In Jun 2019,the promotional video of Sunsea “Parking, Reshaping future Travel" won gold Award of cross-boundary value influential brand creativity in Cannes;

          In May 2019, Sunsea was named one of Outstanding Airport parking lot operators in China.

          In Apr 2019,Sunsea awarded Outstanding Contribution Award of the year for commercial real estate Service Providers, the chairman and CEO of Sunsea Yan Liang was named as innovative Leader of the year in commercial value.

        • 2018 停車場運營

          In Sept. 2018, Sunsea was awarded title of "China's Public Parking Lot Investment And Operation Enterprise".

        • 2017 停車場運營

          In Dec 2017, Sunsea Nanjing Youth Olympic Center and Shandong Linyi Qilu Park planning and Design projects were awarded Top Ten Outstanding cases of commercial complex parking lots planning in 2017.

          In Sept. 2017, Sunsea won honorary title of National Hospital Parking Operation and Management Model Unit.

          In Feb 2017, Sunsea was awarded title of "AAA Credit Enterprise of Beijing" by Beijing Enterprise Confederation and Beijing Enterprise Evaluation Association.

        • 2016 停車場運營

          In Jun 2016, Sunsea was awarded title of "Chaoyang District Mass Spiritual Civilization Construction Standardized Civilized Unit" by The Chaoyang District Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee in Beijing.

          In Mar 2016, Sunsea was awarded "Honest Enterprise" prize by Beijing Parking Industry Association.

        • 2015 停車場運營

          In Sept.2015, Sunsea won awards of "Excellent Parking Operator" and "Excellent Parking Planning Consultant".

          In Apr 2015, Sunsea won two honors, "Beijing Youth Civilization Collective" and "Beijing Youth Civilization Best Style Award".

        • 2013 停車場運營

          In Jun 2013, Sunsea was awarded title of "Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization of Xiangheyuan Street".

        • 2009 停車場運營

          In 2009, Sunsea was awarded honorary of "Internship Base for College Students in Beijing" and won "Top 50 Success Cases of Chinese Youth Entrepreneurship" of "Rufeng Taishan Cup" prize.


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